The 1st Conference on Social Impact of Science SIS2016 (Barcelona, 2016) will join researchers from Natural Sciences, Physics & Mathematics, Social Sciences & Humanities, Engineering, Information & Technology, Life Sciences, Health & Pharmacy. Ada Yonath, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2009, will be Keynote Speaker at the Open Ceremony of the Conference. 
Analysing, communicating and improving social impact from research is one of the most pressing demands to all scientific fields. Most researchers need to do this task, which is still very difficult due to the lack of indicators, repositories and experiences. Nevertheless, today, significant steps are being developed every week. Researchers from all over the world will be next summer in Barcelona presenting, debating and sharing these developments, and planning new ones. 

We look forward to knowing more about your work and meeting you at this 1st Conference on Social Impact of Science #SIS16. 

#SIS16 Organizing Committee

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