La revista Entreprise & Society acaba de publicar un número especial sobre “Business and Nature”, donde trata la relación entre los negocios y el medio ambiente. Este número se encuentra disponible en el siguiente enlace:

Artículos incluidos:

  • Christine Meisner Rosen: “Doing Business History in the Age of Global Climate Change”
  • Tyler Priest: “Extraction Not Creation: The History of Offshore Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico”
  • Geoffrey Tweedale and Laurie Flynn: “Piercing the Corporate Veil: Cape Industries and Multinational Corporate Liability for a Toxic Hazard, 1950-2004”
  • Christine Meisner Rosen: “The Role of Pollution Regulation and Litigation in the Development of the U.S. Meatpacking Industry, 1865-1880”
  • Pierre Desrochers: “How did the Invisible Hand Handle Industrial Waste? By-product Development before the Modern Environmental Era”
  • Alessandro Stanziani: “Negotiating Innovation in a Market Economy: Foodstuffs and Beverages Adulteration in Nineteenth-Century France”