56 Congreso Internacional de Americanistas (ICA/2018)

Salamanca, July 2018 

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Thematic Area: History

Panel 14/82

Public Health Systems: Places, Histtories and Financing

André Mota (USP/Brasil)

Ana Nemi (Unifesp/Brasil) 

In all political programs that have been presented during the electoral processes of the Americas, issues related to health care and the ways to avoid epidemics were always considered of national relevance. The motives for the construction of public health systems were justified by several reasons such as the urgency of ensuring the quality and productivity of the working class, the projects of strengthening national cohesion through popular sovereignty and, finally, the theses on the relations between freedom and civil and social equality. Therefore, several reforms on medical education and the development of public health technologies are gradually being impacted and redirected as state policies and their discussions about the citizens’ right to health and the extension of the state’s duty to guarantee it. In this sense, the objective of this Panel is to discuss how projects and experiences related to the financing of health systems by the public treasury in the Americas between the XIX and XXI centuries have been developed. In addition, we hope to discuss the understanding of the problem of public health financing through the particularities of their state projects, successful or not. We aim to analyze these experiences, with their approximations and differences, ruptures and permanences, revealing the importance of the right to health as well as the best solutions for it to be a social and permanent assurance.

Proposals will be accepted in Portuguese, Spanish and English. 

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